, and : Lajos Kis-Tóth – Ádám Fülep – Réka Racsko: Experiments with e-Paper in the Hungarian public education arena


The aim of this study is to provide an introduction to and a comprehensive analysis of a methodological experiment related to the use of electronic book materials in public education. The aforementioned program titled e-Paper in the Hungarian public education system was carried out in 2010. One part of the experiment focused on international research results and experiences related to the application of e-Book equipment in various educational contexts. Inspired by said international results the present essay utilises a previously elaborated research criteria system comparing the applicability of electronic and traditional books, in addition to exploring the ergonomic aspects of e-Books, and their role in supporting the knowledge acquisition process at various levels of instruction, along with examining the use and application of e-Paper readers in educational and library environments. On the whole, considering the results gained in the local context, this study’s primary objective is to perform a comprehensive examination of this unprecedented 2010 pilot project The primary focus ranges from introducing the respective research conditions, criteria, and results via providing an overview of the pertaining international experiences to sharing the main findings and conclusions.

Year: 2013
Issue: 1
Page: 107-123