: Service Learning as a Pedagogical Tool

Service-learning is a pedagogical tool, and this is exactly what differentiates it from voluntary and community services. During service-learning the action for others, for the (local) community is integrated in the pedagogical process, which has a learning aim, a methodology and an educational background. Service-learning has become a compulsory element of the pedagogical programme of Hungarian secondary schools; it is regulated by law and serves a prerequisite for the national school-leaving examination (matriculation). Obviously, this raises several educational, professional and practical issues. Answers to these problems can be searched for and found only in the years to come, but American and previous Hungarian practices, methodology and present dilemmas can be analysed and addressed now. This is the purpose for which this study has been undertaken.

Keywords: service-learning, experiential learning, John Dewey, reflection, democratic skills

Year: 2013
Issue: 4
Page: 70-83
Dec 2013
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