: Audience Development and School Education

The current paper explores the relationship between general music education characterized by the use of perceptual and receptive approaches and school music education, which is mainly based on the traditions of music training and involves a predominately scientific approach. By analysing the problems caused by the inconsistent choice of aims and instruments of the above mentioned territories, the paper provides an overview of the history of concert-pedagogy, presents various conceptions on audience development – and on concert-pedagogy itself, which can be defined as the development of the receptive skills. Finally, the paper discusses the possible forms and organizational frameworks of the cooperation between educational and cultural institutions. The main issues raised by this article are the need for cooperation between schools and cultural services, as well as the importance of a paradigm shift in the approach to school music education. The author advocates the emergence of the concert-pedagogical attitude in schools, and the development of music teacher training in this particular field.

Keywords: music education (concert-pedagogy), development of receptive skills, music mediation, audience development, music experience, music education and training

Year: 2013
Issue: 4
Page: 84-94
Dec 2013
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