: Art as Education, Education as Art

We may often run across the conception or metaphore of art as education and education as art. I’m going to express my personal interdisciplinary train of thought about this topic through the linking sources and phenomena that I know. I am looking to answer the question regarding to what extent the relation between art and education is metaphoric or identical, and what are the common traits that constitute the basis of these similarities. The art as education evoke and analize the theories of Herbert Read, László Trencsényi, Anikó Illés, Hans-Georg Gadamer, Susan Sontag, Joseph Beuys, Miklós Erdélyi and Árpád Schilling, and raise the question whether all art educates, and if so, in what sense. In the part “education as art”, in addition to the reflections connected to the topic of Rudolf Steiner, Tamás Vekerdy and István Bodóczky, we are also going to talk about the question of “presence”, the main characteristics of what will be outlined by the help ofKatalin Gabnai, László Németh, Carl Rogers, Juli Pusztai and Marina Abramovic. From all this we may summarize that one of the most important common traits of art and education is the creative and intuitive presence, the accessibility, the creative work in a personal way. We may find the common roots of education and art in the theory of D. W. Winnicot, which is about transitional (potential) space and transitional object. This theory also gives a common frame of interpretation to the link betveen these two anthropological phenomenon.

Keywords: education, art, social sculpture, potential or transitional space, transitional object, presence


Year: 2014
Issue: 1
Page: 69-81
Mar 2014
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