: Te never dormant power – rethinking the concept of the gifedness

 To consider giftedness to be homogenous and not to distinguish between the methods suitable for different talent development can be the barrier of the provision. Besides the subtle elements of the socio-cultural background, the age factor and the form of the giftedness should also be taken into account, as these require very different environments. A number of additional factors and their delicate coincidence have to be detected as a further step. The provision of the gifted can only be truly effective if it relies on a credible scientific background. Even just slightly false theories lead to the wrong directions. This study based on Hungarian and international literature is to show the diversity of talent, the significance and role of its components, and to prove why talent is not dormant and hidden, but an active path-seeker.

Keywords: gifted, conception, coincidence, differentiation

Year: 2014
Issue: 2
Page: 67-81
Jul 2014
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