: Qualifction framework – a Recommandation

 Qualifications framework is a policy tool recommended by the European Union to ensure the transparency and permeability of qualifications. By building on learning outcomes and the inclusion of social stakeholders, the framework endeavours to make the qualifications of different Member State comparable for all educational subsectors. Showing the content of qualifications and thereby supporting mobility aim at better communication between the qualifications systems of the MSs, but there is another aspect of communication: namely, how EU institutions make MSs act (not obligatory) according to the Recommendation of the European Parliament and of the Council regarding the development of a qualifications framework. The author of this paper analyses and evaluates those EU measures and procedures, which result in MSs following the direction set by the Recommendation, finally implementing a qualifications framework.

Keywords: qualifications system, qualifications framework, EU education policy, mobility, lifelong learning

Year: 2014
Issue: 2
Page: 52-66
Jul 2014
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