, , , and : Te Meta-analysis of Inculsive Research Methods

 The article discusses the theoretical background of inclusive research and presents a specific meta-analysis on its methodological implications. Furthermore, the scope of the current paper is to gain a better understanding of the present methodology and its future directions in the research on disadvantaged individuals. By using the Delphi-method, a qualitative prediction was formulated in collaboration with professionals who have relevant knowledge in the field, and individuals directly affected by the questions involved. The feedback questionnaire technique allowed participants to actively engage in the deveopment of the research instrument. Building on the prelimanary results a Likert scale questionnarie was developed and used in the second stage of the Delphiinquiry. The scientific implication of the research is that it serves as a basis for further investigation using inclusive methodology in research involving disadvantaged groups.

Keywords: inclusive research, particpatory research, Delphi-method, disadvantaged groups, disability,

Year: 2014
Issue: 3
Page: 53-67