: Evidenzbasierte Bildungsforschung vs. Pädagogik als Kulturwissenschaft – Über einen neuerlichen Paradigmenstreit in der wissenschaftlichen Pädagogik

The article presents the emergence of „evidence based research” in the context of the US education policy under the Bush Administration as well as the criteria and the program developed in that period. Furthermore, the international and German reception of this new paradigm of educational sciences is also discussed. Reception refers to the wide range of intended functions associated with evidence based research, its claimed advantages in the field of education policy, and the education research methodology proposals and limitations suggested in connection with the new paradigm. Attributed as „empirische Bildungsforschung” and propagated as the new and only acceptable model of education research in Germany, evidence based research has been object to strong controversies in the country and around the world. The paper critically examines the ambition of this model for research, political planning and education reform. Finally, the paradigm is refuted due to its implications for research, and to the problematic consequences it may produce in education and in the status and theory of educational sciences.

Keywords: multiculturalism, decision making, legal demands, accreditation requirements, curriculum

Year: 2014
Issue: 3
Page: 5-21
nov 2014