: The Impact of Organizational Characteristics on the School-Level Implementation of Development Programs

The present paper is based on a survey conducted in the framework of the research project “The impact mechanisms of education development interventions” funded by the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (OTKA). Data was collected from almost 600 schools participating in various EU funded education development programs. Our study aimed at investigating the impact of organisational features of schools on the impact of education development programs. Two groups of variables were analysed: those measuring the impact of development interventions and those measuring the extent to which schools can be described as knowledgeintensive organisations. The second group of variables was composed from several primary variables. The analysis of the connections between the two groups of variables shows that the impact of development 108interventions is significantly higher in those schools that demonstrate the characteristics of knowledge-intensive organisations.

Keywords: schools as knowledge-intensive organisations, schools as learning organisations, educational development, curriculum implementation, EU funded development programs

Year: 2014
Issue: 4
Page: 43-66
Dec 2014
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