and : Synthesizing Theory and Practice in Intervention Programmes: The Skill of Speech Sound Hearing

 Through the example of speech sound hearing, our study demonstrates how methods of intervention programs can infiltrate into the everyday practice of schools and kindergartens. Speech sound hearing is one of the basic skills of critical significance. It has an important role in speech perception and clear speech. Besides, its acquisition is the prerequisite of reading, spelling and foreign language learning. Our intervention programmes involved daily playful activities to develop speech sound hearing. The kindergarten programme aided clear speech articulation, while the school programme aimed at the fostering of the acquisition of spelling by developing the speech sound hearing skill. Effectiveness of the skill development programmes was also tested. This paper shortly introduces methods of the intervention programmes along with results confirming their functionality. This story of designing and testing methodological intervention programs supports the need for the interlocking of theory and practice.

Keywords: speech sound hearing, intervention programs, clear speech articulation, spelling

Year: 2015
Issue: 1
Page: 64-76