and : The Media Representation of Cyberbullying

Media representation plays a central role in the interpretation and understanding of a social phenomenon since it largely influences the perception and attributed importance of the phenomenon in question. One might assume that the media representation of cyberbullying is an over-studied field based on the fact that the notion is the most commonly cited when discussing the risks of digital technology. Nevertheless, during our review of the literature we have found only one American study concerning this particular topic. The aim of our research is to explore the media representation of cyberbullying in the Hungarian print media. Nine platforms and journals were included in our analysis:,,,,,,,, Altogether 116 articles were published between March 2007 and October 20014. Our research revealed that the media focuses on the individual cases (episodic framing), and as a consequence the articles paid less attention to t broader institutional context, to social and cultural factors.

Keywords: cyberbullying, media representation, online media

Year: 2015
Issue: 1
Page: 77-92
Apr 2015
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