: The Evaluation of Content Knowledge in Early CLIL

CLIL programmes have been present in the European public education for more than two decades. Research on CLIL is getting wider and wider. There is an area, though, which has attracted the attention of researchers only slightly. This is the issue of assessment in general, and the content knowledge of young CLIL learners in particular. Though this area has been investigated in other countries, in Hungary it is still very poorly researched. This paper aims to fill this gap with the recent study which is based on teachers’ and students’ opinion in a form of a pilot study. The author examines the issue in a CLIL primary school in Budapest where she has been monitoring the implementation of the programme for the seventh year, and where she, herself, has been teaching a subject in the target language for the third year.

Keywords: CLIL, second language development in the primary curriculum, assessment in education, integration of learning and assessment, assessment as confidence-builder

Year: 2015
Issue: 2
Page: 17-29
Jul 2015
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