: The Evaluation of Learning Outcomes in Bilingual Teacher Training

This article is a part of a research study on early educational bilingualism (CLIL: Content and Language Integrated Learning), teachers’ competences and training. The teacher’s role is especially important in early CLIL programmes. Therefore, it is argued that teacher trainees’ beliefs and learning outcomes (LeO) should be revealed and investigated during their studies. This paper focuses on one particular course of the CLIL teacher training BA programme run at ELTE TÓK whilst presenting its new end-of-term evaluation practice. In the past few years, gradually, a kind of portfolio system has emerged and taken over the place of the traditional oral exam. After reviewing the literature, the main elements of the student portfolio are introduced in order to prove that trainees’ learning outcomes can be effectively investigated through discussing their creative pieces of work. Then, the students’ attitudes towards this innovation, and their opinions concerning their own self-development are researched and summarised.

Keywords: learning outcomes (LeO), evaluation, teacher training, exam, portfolio, bilingual education (CLIL)

Year: 2015
Issue: 2
Page: 30-62