: Integration in the Hungarian Education System

The issue of integration in the education system is in close connection with the democratic principles of equal opportunities, the groups of learners starting their studies with disadvantages and insufficiencies, the professional- political movements mobilized in their interests, the methodical innovation based on the approach of inclusion, together with relevant scientific and practical experience. In the following study I will only touch upon the areas that surround the context of educational integration, whereas I intend to highlight in detail the experience of the Hungarian program that aims at enabling underprivileged children and learners to perform successfully in the education system. I would like to point out that there is a well-tested integrational model in public education that has been scrutinized by scietific research projects. By outlining these research results, we will be able to observe what kind of conclusions we may draw and what sort of opportunities we may expect in connection with the pedagogical practice of mutual inclusion implemented by educational integration. The experience will show the details of the practical implementation of the model, whereas the opportunities may open new horizons for the requirements in the focus of our present day educational policy. As a result, they may establish a complex and preventive system of measures in order to prevent early dropout and at the same time they may increase the number of resilient students and institutions.

Keywords: integration in the education system, inclusion, hungarian integrational model in public education, equality, equity

Year: 2016
Issue: 1
Page: 71-91
Apr 2016
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