: Drama and Pedagogy; Current Issues Regarding Drama in Education

Drama in education: is it a way of learning through action? Does it embody social integration or inclusion? Is it a young and engaged discipline aiming to develop multicultural education and the concept of pluralism and democracy in schools? Is it both a system of education and a criticism of the current education system at the same time? Does it provide a stage for social participation? It would appear that Hungarian educational practice has not yet utilized the problem-based learning potential of drama. We should take into consideration the fundamentals of learning theories of drama. Daily educational practice, as well as several national and international studies, shows how effective drama can be. The success of its educational applications is based on the personal skills and strategies of the drama teacher. The facilitator can help the participants share and understand their experiences on personal and social levels. This paper is intended to show the diversity of contemporary applied drama and makes reference to international trends and expertise.

Keywords: drama in education, applied drama, problem-based learning, drama-based research, arts-based intervention

Year: 2016
Issue: 2
Page: 43-52
Jul 2016
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