and : Visual Communication: the Dominant Form of Communication in the 21st Century in Contemporary Arts, Science and Visual Education

Those changes that put visuality in the foreground against verbality started in the 20th century. As a conse – quence, attitudes towards pictures, visual information and visuality had significantly changed. The complex processes and elements of visual understanding and communication drew attention to the need for understanding and analysing visual thinking, visual language and visual education. Visual communication is an approved, but still an evolving discipline. Although its significance and relevance in everyday situations and in education and science is undoubted. An urgent need emerged to clarify the conceptual framework of visual communication since it became part of the national curriculum. This study focuses on the conceptual background of visual communication, and reveals its position in contemporary arts, science and visual education.

Keywords: visual communication, contemporary arts, infographics, visual language, visual education

Year: 2016
Issue: 2
Page: 29-42
Jul 2016
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