: Indicators of welfare and well-being in helping professions

Several research works in the related international literature on sociology and health sciences deal with the state of health in one selected population. Based on international experience, in our research we chose a special population, one – the helping profession worker – chronic psychiatric patients with institutions dealing with professionals. Our choice was influenced by the fact of health sector workers hopelessness, pervasive uncertainty Experiencing, changes in the context of well-being, prosperity, so typical of the state of health mapping could turn the trial into irreversible processes specific to the health sector A common feature of research on the topic well– being studies predominantly examine the self–rated subjective health status using questionnaires. There are several ones that examine the state of health based not only on self–rated subjective indicators but also using objective data gained by measurement. Moreover, our approach was to assess the objective state of health alongside the subjective factors, as our hypothesis was that the majority of the indicators presumably coincided. The conclusion was in the population doesn’t coincide the subjective and objective health status.

Keywords: well-being, health status, helping profession

Year: 2016
Issue: 3
Page: 62-72
Oct 2016
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