and : Knowledge management in workplace learning

The aim of this study is to give an overview of the role and the possibility of knowledge management related to the support of workplace learning. We overview shortly the theories of workplace learning and organizational learning and their relationship. Nowadays the basic requirements of competitive operating for the organisation are the knowledge and developing and exploitation of this. The purpose of knowledge management is a systematic and organised improving the organisation’s ability to mobilise knowledge to enhance performance. (KPMG, 2003) Especially we examine knowledge management as a potential tool for supporting workplace learning and investigate the common role collaborative media tools play in knowledge management, workplace learning. The spread of flexible working time, telecommuting and the massive presence of ICT tools in the world of both work and leisure reframe the workplace learning habits. At the end of the study we attempt to highlight the need of new approach about workplace learning. In the “anywhere anytime” work the key is for organizations how to can manage their knowledge, how to takes place knowledge-sharing among colleagues and what are the opportunities for development of their knowledge.

Keywords: workplace learning, knowledge management, adult learning, collaborative media

Year: 2016
Issue: 4
Page: 20-30