and : Hungarian graduate students’ views on the roles and tasks of education

Doctoral studies in Hungarian higher education have a strong focus on developing researcher identity, and give less support for preparing on teaching duties even though doctoral students will provide the new workforce in academia. This study explores doctoral students’ opinions about their teaching roles and experiences based on a survey conducted among Hungarian doctoral students. The results reveal that the system supports the socialization of “professional scholars and amateur teachers” (MacLaren, 2004) asdoctoral students associate teaching performance more with personality traits and less dependent on expert knowledge. International trends on academic professionalization show a strong emphasis on teaching and learning scholarship consequently in the changing process of Hungarian doctoral training system we should pay more attention to develop students’ ex – pertise on teaching.

Keywords: doctoral students, teaching and learning scholarship, professionalization of teaching in higher education

Year: 2016
Issue: 4
Page: 5-19