: Congruence/incongruence between qualification and occupation based on Hungarian and international research results

The matching between qualification and occupation has been investigated in some Hungarian and international research in the last years, taking into accounts the level and field of qualifications. The vertical and horizontal congruence/incongruence test research can be divided into two groups according to the size of population. One group consists of studies that have examined employees for all levels of qualifications, while the other group comprises the research to the employment of graduates. Based on research results incongruent employment is a common phenomenon in most European countries both vertically and horizontally. However, real mismatch can pose a problem, when the employees cannot utilize their skills. Possibly such curriculum is needed that will satisfy the needs of the labour market for transferable skills and specific knowledge as well.

Keywords: congruence, horizontal mismatch, vertical mismatch, higher education, labour market, research results

Year: 2017
Issue: 1
Page: 15-21
Mar 2017
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