: The erudition image of education policy

The study examines erudition images of the national higher education policy of the present regime. First, it ana – lyzes the characteristics of the post-industrial society and economy. It examines the particularities of education of post-industrial era. Subsequently, the study analyzes the transformation of the role of the university in the intellectuals formation from the medieval university through the humboldtian university (university-type Huboldt) up to the mass university. Finally, the study shows the incidence of few words (intelligentsia, intellectuals formation, erudition, specialist training) in Hungarian higher education laws and the government’s higher education strategy. The author concludes that use of the words of laws and the concept reflects the economic and political movements. After the 2010 change of government in a “re-industrialization” economic policy is observed, which caused a turnaround in education policy towards the specialist erudition image

Keywords: erudition images, post-industrial era, intellectuals formation, professional intellectuals

Year: 2017
Issue: 1
Page: 5-14
Mar 2017
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