: Terminological framework related to school aggression – a possible conceptualization

The study focuses on the interpretation lying behind the different expressions connected to the topic of school aggression, because in Hungarian there is no unified terminology; the relation between the individual terms is not clear. The terms are in relation with each other, but are not equivalent. The differences between them grasp concrete behavioural particularities which are important both for researchers and for practitioners, any professional communities. Especially because terminology interpretations based on individual experience and beliefs can misguide research and specific school prevention activities. The objective of the paper is to join the professional discourse along with accepting that there are professional communities which use terminology unlike ours just like ones that use similar terminology to the one used here. In the study, the interpretation of the expressions aggression, violence and bullying are discussed.

Keywords: aggression, violence, bullying, conceptual framework

Year: 2017
Issue: 4
Page: 68-80
Dec 2017
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