, and : Innovation ineducation: theoretical and conceptual framework of the Innova research

This paper summarizes the results of the theoretical phase of „Innova research” focusing on the birth, spread and system-level impact of local/institutional level educational innovations. It presents the main conclusions of the research on educational innovations, emphasizing the social and policy relevance of the field, and referring to the scientific and political context. First, we describe the aim of the research, the main questions and phases, and the applied methodology. Based on the literature review of the international studies, we analyse the most relevant general and specific theoretical concepts of innovation which have influenced the tools and main viewpoints of the empirical research. We present the conceptual framework of the Innova research as well as the theoretical models orientating the data collection and the analysis. Although the theoretical background of the Innova research is presented in this paper the following studies in this thematic issue will add and elaborate several aspects.

Keywords: Innova research, educational innovation, innovation management, theory of innovation, diffusion of innovation

Year: 2017
Issue: 4
Page: 26-43
Dec 2017
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