, and : Mapping 10 to 14-year-old students’ foreign-language comprehension, composition skills and strategy use

Foreign-language reading comprehension and writing-composition have been several times at the focus of Hungarian and international research. Our study combines these two areas complementing with domain specific strategy-use. Literacy tasks play dominant roles in the teaching of foreign languages. The question arises, however, how strategy use is related to these tasks and what the connections are between the results of reading comprehension, writing and strategy use, and how strong the impact of foreign language attitudes and grades is on these areas. In our study, we seek answers to these questions. Our empirical research was carried out with primary-grades students (10-14 years) using online tests and questionnaires. The survey was conducted via the eDia system, the students completed their tests and questionnaires in their own school, in two teaching lessons. According to the results, the students’ reading and writing test results separated from their strategy uses. Reading and comprehension strategies were applied to the same extent during the phases of the text comprehension process, but in the case of writing and composition strategies, strategy use was emphasized during the course of writing. There was a strong, significant relationship between writing and reading techniques. The correlations between variables have shown that strategy use had a strong correlation with the English language grade and attitudes and the impact of these variables on test scores is significant. Our results also show that the attitude towards language learning is determinative for both learning outcomes and the strategy use. Our research has also confirmed that embedded and explicit teaching of strategy use during language learning can help to improve both text comprehension and composition skills.

Keywords: language learning strategies, language acquisition, foreign language literacy

Year: 2018
Issue: 1
Page: 60-77
Apr 2018
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