: Innovation Processes in the Hungarian Education System 2.

This paper is based on the first education innovation survey conducted in autumn 2016 in the framework of the “Innova” research project. The data collection covered all subsystems of the education system. Data have been collected on theinnovation activities of 4853 education unites (including 4241 K-12 institutions, 513 departments of higher education institutions and 99 market oriented training providers). The first part of the paper (Neveléstudomány 2017. 4. szám) discusses some issues related with the definition and the measurement of educational innovation. The second part presents the Innova research project, including the survey tool and one of the composite innovation indicators used to measure the innovation capacities and activities of education units. On the basis of the data collected the third part displays some key features of innovation processes in the Hungarian education system and present analyses of factors influencing these processes. The analysis covers all subsystems of the education sector.

Keywords: Innovation, educational innovation, innovation survey, measuring innovation, educational development, Innova research

Year: 2018
Issue: 1
Page: 18-41
Apr 2018
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