and : Health, Life-style, Health Promotion from the Perspective of the Higher Education

It seems to be a “health paradox” that people start to worry about their health only when it becomes disturbed. Health nowadays is quite claptrap with many different meanings, still only a few people lives with health-consciousness and cares about their health. In this article we analyse the term “health”, its components and complex approaches, and explore the opportunities of health promotion. Our approach is based on Engel’s bio-psycho-social theory accepting the fact that health is compound and multidimensional. We may resolve the paradox by recognising that factors comprising health are elements of our life-style, and that shaping a health-conscious life style is the responsibility of each individual. It seems a major task of all levels of education to stress and to help forming this. Higher education has an excess role since educated people and especially teachers should serve as good examples and have to promote health education. A recent TÁMOP project has explored the relationship between higher education and health promotion and has provided recommendations for improving health-conscious higher education.

Keywords: health, health promotion, health-conscious education, life-style, higher education

Year: 2018
Issue: 2
Page: 5-21
Jun 2018
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