: Forms of sport support used in the Hungarian school system. Sport, Learning, Career

The question of sport and education or sport and carrier is always important for young people. Several research has been carried out in this topic in recent years. The European Union looks at the dual carrier subject as high priority importance. This study introduces those programs, which support the best young professional sports people in Hungary. Sport schools and Academies provide opportunities for realising the duality of sport and education during elementary and secondary schools. In Hungary, this age group is supported by Herakles program. The central budget provides considerable support for sports schools program and Herakles program. The duality of education and sport is supported on school level, local government level and national level as well by “Good student – Good sports people” bonus. In higher education, there are two main central promotions: “Hungarian Sports Stars Grant Program” and “Olympic Athletes Lifeline Program”. At the end of this study we introduce a few good practice which promote recreational and professional sport in higher education.

Keywords: dual career, sport support, education and sport, recreation in higher education, professional sport in higher education

Year: 2018
Issue: 2
Page: 44-60
Jun 2018
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