: Sport strategies of local governments

The role of local governments in sport has already been emphasized by the European Sports Charta in 1992. They play a significant role in the local sports activity in each country, and this activity is usually planned on the base of surveys and analysis, and it is drawn up in a strategy. In this research we studied the Dutch sports system and the sport strategy of a Dutch town, Leusden. We compared it to eight Hungarian local governments’ sport strategies, and focused on four viewpoints: if these documents contain programs and action plans in general; if they were based on local surveys; whether they deal with top sport activity and if they have ideas about the sport of the disadvantaged communities. We found that the strategies usually deal a lot with top sport, also with the sport of the disabled, but not at all with the poorer people’s sport. There are no local surveys behind them, and they usually specify some actions.

Key words: local governments, sports strategy, sports administration, sports financicing

Year: 2018
Issue: 2
Page: 34-43
Jun 2018
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