, and : Systematic literature review in teacher education research – the use of video stimulated recall methodology

Reflective pedagogical thinking is a significant and relevant research area of the international educational science (Creswell, 2014; Polat, 2015) as well as the Hungarian educational sciences. Reflective thinking became a fundamental component of the pedagogical sciences, teacher education and teacher evaluation system. However, this field is still lacking thorough empirical studies and SLR examining the use of VSR. Therefore, as part of an extensive research our aim was to examine the potentials of VSR for investigating novice / trainee teachers’ professional development over the past four decades. Our investigations revealed that pedagogical reflective thinking is not only a current field of the international educational science, but it is also characterized by methodological diversity. Many aspects of the pedagogical development can be examined with VSR such as pedagogical decision making (Byra & Sherman, 1993), classroom interactions and actions (Kwo, 1994), prior experiences (Powell, 1992) as well as the continuous pedagogical development (Freitas, Jiménez & Mellado, 2004). This study presents the conceptual and historical foundations of the VSR methodology and the findings of our SLR focusing on the characteristics and use of VSR in teacher education. This particular study will summarize the aims and findings of the examined studies, and our next study (see: lapszám) will present the used methodologies.

Keywords: early career development, teacher training, reflective thinking, systematic literature review, stimulated video recall (VSR)

Year: 2018
Issue: 3
Page: 5-18