: Where law meets education. Thee role and expediency of teaching law in teacher’s training

Not only the legislators but also teacher educators expect law education in teacher training since students claim to learn about their rights as future teachers. Although teaching law in such programmes has antecedents, neither the number of weekly consultation hours nor the applicable credits provide a necessary framework. A further problem is that these courses are mainly taught by the lecturers of the faculties of law or practical experts who heavily lean on the teaching methods of the law schools. These methods, however, are very different from those that are needed in a teacher training programme. The programme designs are also lack of suitable learning materials. This paper aims to tackle the problem and intend to answer the following question: what and how we should teach under the above-mentioned circumstances. Following the overview of the international literature and the relevant regulations, it became clear that the rights of students are wellarticulated. Whilst this paper aims to implement a more content related framework concerning the rights of teachers and especially the fundamental rights of freedom of teaching. This paper also tries to develop some original solutions related to the teaching methods of law in Hungary based on international and national scientific literature. It attempts to suggest a structure that is balancing between theory and practice by examples of real life cases from daily school life. At the same time this paper presents a brand-new pilot-course.

Keywords: legal knowledge, law pedagogy, teacher training, methodical development

Year: 2018
Issue: 4
Page: 39-50
Dec 2018
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