(Magyar) 2018/4.


Special focus articles

Bárány V., Fanny: Legal environment of education – Enforcement of the right to education

Pusa, Nastase: Az élethosszig tartó tanulás intézményi perspektívái: romániai és marországi példák

Fleck, Zoltán: Methodological questions of legal education

Rónay, Zoltán: Where law meets education. Thee role and expediency of teaching law in
teacher’s training

General articles

Sántha, Kálmán: Visual Grounded Theory in analysis of pedagogical spaces

Gulya, Nikoletta: Mapping Disability Content in the Hungarian National Core Curriculum

Kriston, Pálma and Pikó, Bettaina: Emotional regulation and attaention control among high school students

Szűcs, Katalin: Opinions on school gambling. A disciplinary hearing at the end of the nineteenth century