and : Developing senior language learners’ autonomy through one-to-one counselling

This paper discusses possible ways of developing senior learners’ autonomous language learning ability through one-on-one counselling. The aim of the study is thus to describe the external and internal factors influencing seniors’ learning processes as well as to introduce relevant literature that focuses on effective strategies of instructing this particular group. A suitable method of developing and supporting seniors’ autonomous learning is one-on-one counselling; a method that consists of a thoughtful selection of instructional steps. Counselling sessions include the following steps: diagnosing seniors’ learning related difficulties, defining their learning objectives and identi-fying factors influencing learner autonomy. The counselling programme is completed with a joint reflection on the entire learning process. One-on-one counselling sessions, in the case of senior learners, place strong emphasis on transforming past negative learning experiences, supporting learner motivation, raising learner-awareness in relation to language learning strategies as well as applying effective time-management. Finally, the authors raise questions for further empirical re-search investigating one-oneone counselling for autonomous learning, particularly in the case of senior learners.

Keywords: learner autonomy, one-on-one counselling, old-aged learners

Year: 2019
Issue: 1
Page: 47-59
Mar 2019
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