: Health Promotion Situation at The Eötvös Loránd University Faculty Of Education and Psychology

The Senate of ELTE has passed the Health Promotion Strategy of the University in autumn of 2018. This document emphasizes the significant societal role of the professionals regarding public health, as well as the role of the University in establishing health related approaches and health conscious life-style of the students. Before completing the strategy, a questionnaire study had been completed in the 2015/16 and 2016/17 terms, respectively, at the Faculty of Education and Psychology of ELTE about the situation of health promotion. Main topics were how the students and teachers, respectively, think about their health state, about the health-related environment at the university and about whether they are conscious about their professional and societal responsibility. This study has been repeated due to the fact that, associated with the reformulation of the higher education, some units of the Faculty of Education of the Berzsenyi Dániel West-Hungarian University joined to the Faculty of Education of ELTE in 2017, thus a comparison of samples from the Capital and from Transdanubium had become possible.
According to the results of the questionnaire study, half of the interviewed teachers and somewhat less than half of the students think that health promotion at the University is important but does not have primary relevance. They stress the significance of nutrition and physical activity but think the university environment does not favour these. Obstructive factors are the unfavourable prandial circumstances and that, due to the spatial diversity, timetables do not provide enough time for regular dining of the students and teachers. According to the results of both the capital and rural studies, health related general indicators are unfavourable, and incidence of smoking and alcohol consumption is high. In both groups, participants spend average time sleeping, whereas the time spent on the Internet is high. Participants are unsure about the effectivity of their own health behaviour, and cannot see health-associated aspects of their profession, either.

Keywords: health promotion, student-teacher lifestyle, health promoting university environment

Year: 2019
Issue: 3-4
Page: 72-92
Dec 2019
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