: History books of the “first hours” in the backwash of the Second World War (Era trends, geopolitical shifts between 1938 and 1945 when discussing contemporary history)

The paper studies the birth story of history textbooks published in 1945 edited by Domokos Kosáry and Klára Feuer. My objective is to point out directions of the era and changes of geopolitical directions through textbook writers’ ways of interpretation. To make the topic more understandable I compare the textbooks for secondary grammar schools published during World War II to the temporary history textbooks of 1945. In my paper I perform comparative analysis of contemporary parts. I demonstrate that the textbooks of 1945 are connected to the pre-1945 era, the last years of World War II by many ties.

Keywords: history of textbook; history teaching, history textbooks of “first hours”; era trends in the textbooks

Year: 2019
Issue: 3-4
Page: 45-53
Dec 2019
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