: School Opportunities of Students in Child Protection

In this paper I write about the chances of the children taken into a child abuse prevention at school. Growing up in this prevention and becoming adults these children and young people might be stucked into the lower part of society. Their social integratism is also doubtful because of the lack of the social discrimination, the valuable relation, the financial, cultural and social capital. The knowledge getting at school might be the key of their upwards. Well-organised educational system and well-trained teachers might give chance and help to get this knowledge, to become educated, trained. That is why I set out to search the school difficulties and specific problems of these teachers working with these protected children in elementary schools in Bács-Kiskun County. The strategy of my research consist of the characteristics of both inductive and deductive strategies. I chose the method of document analysis, oral interview and written questioning. In Bács-Kiskun County, there are issues that can be themed in the school setting and school success of pupils in child protection. Teachers are not prepared enough for individual treatment of pupils living in child protection, and to improve their school performance. Most of the teachers do not participate in further training that focuses specifically on teaching methods that can be successfully applied to pupils in child protection. In general teacher education, the curriculum of compulsory courses does not specifically address the knowledge of pupils living in child protection.

Keywords: child protection, chance, educators

Year: 2019
Issue: 3-4
Page: 107-117
Dec 2019
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