General articles

Csapó, Benő, Risto, Hotulainen, Pásztor, Attila and Molnár, Gyöngyvér: Comparative examination of the development of inductive reasoning: Online assessments in Hungary and Finland

Lukács Andrea és Dorner Helga: Comparative analysis of international knowledge management models

Albert, B. Gábor: History books of the “first hours” in the backwash of the Second World War (Era trends, geopolitical shifts between 1938 and 1945 when discussing contemporary history)

Hegedűs, Szilvia: Parents’ and Teachers’ Opinion About Preschool Children Reaction in a Problematic Situation

Kraiciné Szokoly, Mária: Health Promotion Situation at The Eötvös Loránd University Faculty Of Education and Psychology

Balogh Judit and Trzaskoma-Bicsérdy Gabriella: Differences in Role And Responsibility Assessment Among Hungarian Basketball Coaches in Light of Their Pedagogical And Professional Views

Dobokai Róbert Lászlóné Simon Dóra: School Opportunities of Students in Child Protection