, , , and : Lessons drawn from the process of professionalisation of certain professions for teachers’ continuous professional development and training

This study presents the approaches of the formation and change of the profession, the possible ways of typology according to the main relevant literature in order to give input to the research on the model of professional development of the teachers working in public education. We chose to examine the traditional, archetypal professsions, like legal and medical professions, and the new profession close to teaching profession: the tutors working in higher education. Through the edification of the change story our aim was to understand the current situation of the teaching profession and the dynamic approach of development. In our study we described the possible determinations in the dimensions of the different attributes of the basic terms and we touched on the different types of professions, the interpretations of the continous professional development (CPD) and learning, the identitites and the differences. We also encountered the models CPD and learning and the aspects of the model creation in different (individual, organisational and system) approaches. At the end of the analysis we raised questions and dilemmas and also formed suggestions to develop and transform the current CPD model based on a holistic stance of individual, organisational and system level approach.

Keywords: profession, professionalisation, semi-profession, deprofessionalisation, reprofessionalisation, knowledge

Year: 2020
Issue: 1
Page: 7-27