: Teachers’ continuous professional development and learning at the level of the education system

This study is one of the background studies that aims to provide a theoretical basis for research within the framework of the “Continuing Professional Development of Teachers at the Public Education System, Organization and Individual Level” (MoTeL) project. The aim of the study is to summarize the main theoretical frameworks and models for continuous professional development of teachers and to outline the main directions of research and development at the education system level. The study is based on a secondary analysis of literature. The review is structured as follows: first it summarizes the environmental factors that influence the concept of professional development at the system level and then interprets the concepts of professional development and learning. It then looks at how teacher policy documents address issues of teacher professional development. It then moves on to the links between teacher professional development and assessment. Finally, it summarizes the general characteristics that may influence the continuous professional development of teachers at the level of the education system.

Keywords: education system, teachers’ continuous professional development, teachers’ learning

Year: 2020
Issue: 1
Page: 62-82
Mar 2020
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