, , , and : Changes in the concept of teacher continuous professional development and learning

Teacher continuous professional development is a concept whose content is being shaped by multiple discourses and its meaning is thus still debated (Guskey, 1991; Kelchtermans, 2004; Fraser et al., 2007; Evans, 2014; Kennedy, 2016). As Guskey puts it, the root of the problem lies in the fact that continuous professional development (CPD) can be considered from different perspectives, it can be seen as either ‘macro-level concerns’ or ‘micro-level realities’ (Guskey, 1991). The present study aims to provide an overview of the conceptual change of teacher professional development in the past two decades. To achieve this objective, we summarize the different conceptualisations of continuous professional development, pointing out how this conceptual change has led to understanding professional development (PD) as professional development and learning (PDL) and which new directions of research it has identified in the international study of this subject.

Keywords: teacher professional development and learning, professional identity, models of learning theory, effectiveness

Year: 2020
Issue: 1
Page: 28-45