, , and : The organizational aspects of teachers’ continuous professional development

Teachers’ continuous professional development and learning, interpreted as a phenomenon derived from the complex unity of different elements on the level of the individual, organization and system, is considered a central component in the development of educational systems. This paper, as part of the ‘Models of Teacher Learning’ research project, summarizes the results of Hungarian and international literature focusing on the organizational aspect of CPD. As a result of the thorough literature review, this paper manages to present those models, connections and factors, originating from the school, that represent the organizational context of teachers’ professional development and learning and bear an either direct or indirect impact on it. In recent studies, the concepts of horizontal learning, informal learning, workplace learning, mentoring, self-renewing schools and learning organizations have all been receiving increased attention. The paper also draws focus on the importance and of organizational culture and climate, including their possible effects of CPD, while concentrating also on the distinctive role of school leadership.

Keywords: model of teachers’ professional development, informal learning, workplace learning, collaborative learning, learning organization, leadership

Year: 2020
Issue: 1
Page: 46-61