: Liberation of Childhood in painting of Béla Czóbel I. – Little girl depictions

In my paper I attempt to analyse child (little girl) depictions of Béla Czóbel as one of the members of the Eights, and I try to explore the ideological, cultural and historical effects on these works of art, endeavoring to map the progressive childhood-rethoric phrases and topoi of this era, starting from the social and spiritual sciences influencing the Eights deeply. The background of aesthetic considerations of Czóbel I found social attitudes and people views which oppose the social conventions, consequently I can connect viewpoints of composition and style analysis with aspects of analysis of child ideas, starting from the structure of the Panofsky model. In my paper I try to answer the question how child ideas appear, regarding the reflections for civic education.

Keywords: Iconography, History of Childhood, The Eight, Béla Czóbel

Year: 2020
Issue: 2
Page: 61-84
Jun 2020
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