: Abduction in Qualitative Content Analysis

This theoretical paper presents the notion and structure of abduction in qualitative research by focusing on qualitative content analysis. It argues that in social research, abduction can be seen as a creative process that appears as an alternative to the dichotomy of inductive and deductive methods, and it also points out that abductive conclusions cannot be based upon formal logic. The paper stresses the elements of deductive and inductive ways of setting up categories / codes in qualitative content analysis. It also reflects on the role of abduction for the creation of a code map during qualitative content analysis. The paper stresses that abduction is not a method of collecting and evaluating data, but a form of thinking that is present in every research.

Keywords: abduction, qualitative content analysis, category, code map

Year: 2020
Issue: 2
Page: 26-36
Jun 2020
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