: Liberation of Childhood on Paintings of Béla Czóbel II. – Little boy depictions

In this study, I attempt to analyze the little boy depictions of Béla Czóbel by the method of childhood iconography and try to explore the motifs and typical patterns of history of ideas and child ideas of the relevant paintings. Czóbel (as the „outsider” member of the Eight) was influenced by the socialist and leftish movements and the new views and conceptions about people and child of life reform, therefore one can start the analysis by the conceptions of reform pedagogy, child, child’s study movement and life reform, similarly to my previous study in the Neveléstudomány. The present analysis reveals that the figure of the little boy in Czóbel’s paintings represents the „child messiah” topos from the rhetoric of reform pedagogy, who promises to return to the natural state of origin for people who are burdened by life frames of the civic way of life.

Keywords: iconography, history of childhood, The Eight, Béla Czóbel

Year: 2020
Issue: 3
Page: 79-95
Oct 2020
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