: The Implications of Learning and Development for Teacher Professionalism

This paper elaborates on the different concepts of professional learning and professional development in an effort to illustrate their importance in the improvement of the teaching profession and attainment of teacher professionalism. This study uses a narrative literature review approach on an array of available sources from available literature, which comprises scholarly materials, published and peer-reviewed articles, books, and reports from education institutions. The study shows that remaining informed about the changes in the teaching profession is core in attaining professionalism in teaching, proving the need for professional development programs to ensure the update of teachers’ skills and knowledge. Furthermore, the study advocates for a clearer academic distinction between professional learning and professional development, with professional learning facilitated by professional learning communities and workplace learning programs. Lastly, we discuss elements of effective professional learning and development and examine their importance.

Keywords: professional development, professional learning, teacher professionalism, professional learning communities, workplace Learning

Year: 2020
Issue: 3
Page: 6-15
okt 2020