, , , , and : Opportunities for Students as Partners. University Teachers’ and Students’ Dilemmas in the Second Period of Remote Teaching in Higher Education

Our aim was to analyse the university teachers’ and students’ experience about remote teaching in higher education. To do so, we did not focus on the new practices but dealt with university teachers’ and students’ dilemmas about teaching and learning, their reflections on them, as well as the similarities and differences in their understanding. In the qualitative longitudinal research, we gathered common dilemmas of university teachers and students from the first period of remote teaching; then in the second period they were asked to reflect on these. These dilemmas were about facelessness, taking responsibility, losing motivation, overburden, and moving forward or backward. The results show that students as partners have appeared in the perceived practices but in the reflection on dilemmas a thorough interpretation was missing, furthermore the gap between the teacher’s and student’s roles have been widened.

Keywords: pedagogical dilemma, remote teaching in higher education, student’s partnership, dilemmatic space, qualitative longitudinal research

Year: 2021
Issue: 3
Page: 62-81