, , , , and : Facelessness in Remote Teaching in Higher Education. University Teachers’ and Students’ Dilemmas and Critical Incidents in the First Period of Remote Teaching

In this issue two articles deal with the dilemmas encountered in remote teaching in higher education. This study analyses university teachers’ and students’ dilemmas and critical incidents in the first period of emergency remote teaching. The research focuses on what teaching and learning fields are touched upon in the dilemmas and critical incidents, and how university teachers’ and students’ dilemmas and critical incidents differ from each other. The longitudinal qualitative research started in Spring 2020 consists of three phases of data collection. 18 university teachers and 44 students at ELTE were asked in an online qualitative thematic interview. Building on the thematic content analysis, five complex pedagogical dilemmas and critical incidents were identified, namely (1) facelessness (2) taking responsibility (3) overburden (4) losing motivation and (5) the effectiveness of online teaching or the question whether remote teaching is a step forward or backward in education.

Keywords: higher education research, remote teaching, pedagogical dilemma, critical incident, longitudinal qualitative research

Year: 2021
Issue: 3
Page: 43-61