: Teachers’, Teacher Trainees’ and Pupils’ Attitudes towards Discipline, as in What They Know and Think about the Relevant Legal Provisions

This paper presents the results of a two-part school-focused legal attitudes survey. The results of previous research (Nagy 2011, Rafa 2019, and Sági & Szemerszki 2012) report on typical instruments of teacher discipline, revealing that teachers typically do not use any other instruments than written warning and mark one. This paper synthesises the findings of these two research phases, focusing on school discipline and the attitudes of teachers, teacher candidates and students towards it. In both research phases, a questionnaire method was used to investigate teachers’ and teacher candidates’ attitudes towards legal phenomena and whether they felt the need to learn more about the legal environment of the school as an institution during their training. The research shows that both teachers and students perceive the legal system primarily as a threatening phenomenon with a difficult-to-understand function, while at the same time they associate positive values with children’s rights. School policies are also valued by pupils as a means of maintaining order. The main pattern that emerges in the subject of discipline is the lack of disciplinary tools, the use of mark ones as a disciplinary tool, despite the fact that teachers themselves are concerned about this. A further result of the study is that it demonstrates that there is a need, among both teachers and teacher candidates, for proper education about the school’s legal system to have a place in teacher training.

Keywords: discipline, behaviour management, legal consciousness, teacher training, attitudes, school policy

Year: 2021
Issue: 4
Page: 32-46
Dec 2021
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