Orsolya, Kálmán

e-mail: kalman.orsolya@ppk.elte.hu


munkahely: University of Eötvös Loránd

Orsolya Kálmán @ Neveléstudomány:

  • 2020. March 30. - Lessons drawn from the process of professionalisation of certain professions for teachers’ continuous professional development and training (Rovat: Special focus articles, Research articles)
  • 2019. March 29. - University teachers’ professional development: their identity development and ways of learning (Rovat: General articles, Research articles)
  • 2013. July 11. - Krisztina Gaskó – Orsolya Kálmán – György Mészáros – Nóra Rapos: Innovative Features of the Hungarian Adaptive and Inclusive School Project (Rovat: Special focus articles, Research articles)