More than an antidote against amnesia…

This article observes the paradigm shift in the history of education through different time periods. The author
departs from his perspective as a historian and educator, while comparing authors who have dealt with the
same thematic discourse. The realisation of the challenges of the so-called ‘new cultural history of education’
by a new academic approach invites to experience the so necessary historical contextualisation.

Keywords: History of education; Grammar of Schooling; Education; Linguistic turn  (tovább…)

okt 2013

Learning by Developing in Higher Education

This article describes the Learning by Developing (LbD) action model developed to meet the future challenges. It takes into account the new role of higher education institutes in a world where changes are continuous and today’s truth is not competent tomorrow. The article discusses the new ways of ‘teaching’ by inviting to move from a knower’s world to a competent actor’s world. It further attempts to rediscover a pragmatic learning theory as a basis for the development of higher education. The article describes the development of LbD by following the changes in the nature of higher education guided by the expectations of the surrounding world. It begins with a competence – oriented approach and concludes by intruducing the LbD action model that integrates competence – producing learning and an innovative
research and development project.

Keywords: competence, pragmatic learning concept, Learning by Developing (tovább…)

júl 2013

Enhancing the Quality of Pre-service Teachers’ Learning in Teaching Practicum

This study aims to explore the relationship between the supporting factors and learning outcomes of a teaching practicum model for an initial teacher education programme in Hong Kong. Identifying the predictive relationships of the supporting factors for pre-service teachers’ teaching practicum and their learning outcome could help promoting the quality of the programme. There were 229 pre-service teachers participated to a questionnaire survey of a quasi-experimental design. Confirmatory factor analysis and reliability test were used to confirm the constructed validity and reliability of the survey instrument. A Structural Equation Model was applied to explore the predictive relationship between the supporting factors and their learning outcomes. Results show that campus-based courses, school mentor support and pre-service teacher’s self-efficacy were identified to be the supporting factors for their learning outcomes which include instructional design, managing learning activities and assessment. Strengthening school partnerships, providing mentor training and enhancing the element of assessment for learning in campus based course are recommended to the teacher education programme.

Keywords: Field Experience, Pre-service Teacher Education (tovább…)

febr 2013