Te Sociology of Elites and the History of Education


Although sociology and the science of education have a past of several decades in Hungary, the sociology of elites and the history of education have only recently been connected. The rendering of the works in the history of elites being important for the history of education depends on how we define the elites. In terms of census and the statistical data the broadly understood elite – the diploma holders – have been researched for one-anda- half century. The data bases of the modern history of sociology of personal items embracing university students and diploma holders supply us two series of researches: the one led by László Szögi on peregrination between 1790–1918, and the one led by Viktor Karády and Péter Tibor Nagy on the diploma holders between 1850–1950. Besides a few destroyed registers of diplomas, we can gain, by these researches, a complete view of hundreds of thousands of university students in Hungary and abroad. The data obtained from the sample survey fundamentally defines the results of the much more restricted high elite of the system of education. One of the methods of researching them is linked to the survey coordinated by Tibor Huszár and I. Gábor Kovács. Their research focuses on the elites of different fields of social activity. The other method is the research of the reputation elite coordinated by Karády and Nagy. This embraces those who had become famous in their age and whose name obtained encyclopaedic entries of nation-wide significance.

Keywords: sociology of elites, history of education, history of social sciences, Hungary, reputation, selection, 19th century, 20th century.

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